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Oct 2017 PRWire
VTech, a world leader in telephony and monitoring solutions for all, including children, the elderly and the vision & hearing impaired, has partnered with  Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children (RIDBC), to support the  charity’s work in making a difference to the lives of people with vision or hearing loss. VTech will provide funding from its new CareLine™ range to support RIDBC in the development of cutting edge technologies, including apps and classroom resources that enhance life for vision or hearing impaired children and adults. These multimedia solutions and access to specialist apps can change the way they interact with the world around them, expand access to learning and increase independence in daily life. As a world leader in the technology space, VTech aligns strongly with the need for these important solutions to keep those with vision or hearing loss connected to the world..

“As a charity we rely strongly on the support we receive from individuals and businesses. The focus that VTech places on developing products that enrich our community’s quality of life, and its raising of funds for RIDBC from its CareLine™ range will make a difference,” said RIDBC Chief Executive Chris Rehn. “We greatly appreciate VTech’s support and look forward to developing our partnership further.”
 “VTech strives to foster quality partnerships with local organisations. We believe the work the RIDBC does is invaluable within its community and it is a privilege to partner with them, because this is also our community. As such, this relationship goes beyond pure financial support and we look forward to the many opportunities to learn and support them further in the wonderful work they do,” said Mark Franklin, Managing Director at VTech Telecommunications Australia.

VTech is the world's largest manufacturer of cordless phones, baby monitors, early learning products and a leading electronic manufacturing service provider. Founded in 1976, VTech transforms technology beyond mere updates into genuine breakthroughs in design, function, software and hardware and pushes the envelope in executing the most current technology as creatively as possible. VTech Telecommunications (Australia) Pty Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of VTech Holdings Limited, commenced operations on the 1st of July 2009.

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