Sept 2017

Med-El launched a cochlear implant audio processor featuring wireless charging at the 61st Austrian National Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery Conference. The RONDO 2 frees implant users from the need to regularly replace batteries, making the device easy to use, more cost effective and friendlier to the environment. Wireless charging allows users to power their implant with 18 hours of battery life for each four hour charge, giving users a full day of hearing from one overnight charge. It also saves users from the hassle of replacing the disposable batteries that power the device. In a single year, powering the device every day would require more than 700 batteries. “We are so used to charging our devices at home overnight,” says Gregor Dittrich, Director of Product Management for MED-EL. “You charge your phone and tablet in this way, so why not your audio processor? It’s the next logical step for cochlear implants and we are so excited to be pioneering the way forward.” RONDO 2, and its accessories, will available from the end of 2017.