Options are available depending on your budget and needs. Custom-made earplugs can be produced in a flesh colour; you would need to go to your local hearing clinic for these. They fit well in the ears because they are made to match the exact shape of your own anatomy and are usually more comfortable and seal better than generic plugs. They also tend to last longer.Alternatively and more cheaply, you could purchase some off-the-shelf plugs in flesh colour or clear colour from many chemists or hearing clinics and the cost will vary from around $5- $30. The shop-bought items should have some information on the packaging regarding the level of attenuation (dampening) that you will receive from the plugs. Some are disposable after one usage and other silicon-based plugs will last much longer. The important thing for the power tools and mowing is to reduce the sound pressure to a level that is not dangerous to your hearing and the fit of the earplugs really matters for this. If air is escaping around the earplug, then sound will also be leaking in around the plugs to the eardrum. Some people prefer to use earmuffs for noisy situations as it is easier to make sure they are really covering the ears, but they are, of course, more obvious when you are wearing them. Earmuffs can be purchased at hardware and specialty shops.