Static electricity is present in many everyday situations such as putting on or removing clothes over the head and getting out of a vehicle. While electrostatic charge has the potential to damage electronic circuits, Cochlear implants and speech processors have had many improvements in recent generations of technology to protect against such an event. As a precaution, you should touch something conductive like a metal door handle before the CI system contacts any object or person. Prior to engaging in activities that create extreme electrostatic charge (eg, children playing on plastic slides), the sound processor and headset should be removed. Rubber material such as a gymnastic mat is more conductive, especially if enriched with carbon material, so there is less potential for electrostatic discharge (ESD). It is important to remember that implants incorporate ESD protective circuitry and provide a high degree of protection against damage. Seek advice about your generation of technology from your clinician if you are concerned, however there is no specific risk with artificial turf.