When the telecoil is enabled you may hear a buzzing sound. This is to let you know the processor is now ready and waiting for a telecoil connection to happen (telephone or looped room). Sometimes you may also find that speech does not sound right, which means that the telecoil and microphone are mixed to enable you to hear people next to you while you also hearing what is being transmitted through the loop. Apart from the straight telecoil setting there is also a new setting called Auto-Telecoil. It enables someone who works in an office to pick up the phone and the telecoil will activate automatically. However, because the telecoil is constantly looking for a connection, it may mistake emissions from a microwave oven, fluorescent lights, computer or other electronic devices for a telecoil, resulting in buzzing that is stronger near certain devices and speech that does not sound quite right. Use the remote assistant to look at the se ttings when you experience something unusual. If you see the Telecoil or the Auto-telecoil symbol in the display window, deactivate them with a short button press for each setting. To help you notice that you are on the telecoil setting accidentally you can adjust the telecoil to eliminate the microphone input on the remote assistant.