Listening is something that takes mental energy for anyone who has relied on lipreading. It would be just as difficult and tiring for someone who has suddenly gone almost completely deaf trying to communicate mostly by lipreading! We can also compare the process with swimming. Nobody can swim for you. Most of us get quite tired after a little bit of swimming, but with consistent training it becomes easier. The trick is to break down the process into manageable chunks. Make it fun, rather than a chore. Try using audiobooks plus the actual book for simultaneous reading - like training wheels on a bike. Make it fun by choosing a story that will captivate you and you will almost forget that your hearing is getting the listening practice it needs. Talk to your audiologist about it. Audiobooks plus their corresponding books can be expensive, so start easy by borrowing from your local or regional library. You can also download free audiobooks online such as www.booksshouldbefree. com. Your auditory a ention and concentration will gradually strengthen, so that you can look forward to hearing more naturally and without so much effort over time regardless of your age!