Oct 2017 Daily Mail Australia

A five-year-old girl who lost her hearing at the tender age of two has been gifted a doll who wears hearing aids, just like her. Abbi Keating, from New South Wales, Australia, baffled doctors when she lost her hearing, and stopped talking at the same time. Her mum, Amy, 31, was devastated, but quickly ensured her daughter was fitted with hearing aids and later underwent an operation to have a cochlear implant fitted - an electronic device that replaces the function of the ear. As she grew up, Abbi spent hours drawing hearing devices on to her existing dolls, longing for one who looked just like her.  After researching online, Amy finally found an affordable 'Just Like You Doll,' and designed the doll in the image of her daughter. She decided to film the moment Abbi opened her surprise doll - and the pair have been inseparable ever since. The heartwarming video shows the young girl let out a long squeal as she pulls out the first doll. 'What has it got?,' asks Amy. 'A cochlear hearing aid,' Abbi responds shyly, wearing a huge grin on her face.

 Abbi KeatingAbbi KeatingAbbi KeatingAmy, a full time mum of three, said: 'After Abbi's hearing aid and cochlear implant were fitted, I was desperate to buy Abbi a toy that had them too. 'When I found an affordable one online, I knew it would be too adorable not to film the moment on camera.  'Abbi has since been inseparable with her doll and we've now ordered another - the hearing aids even come off, just like hers do!'