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2018 Guide - updated

Hearing Loss and Hearing Solutions - A Guide

The latest version of our Hearing Loss and Hearing Resources Guide


June 2016 PR Web, Texas

What began three years ago as an effort by a small group of hearing health professionals to collect cochlear implant data and track outcomes has taken a major step toward becoming the largest repository of its kind in the world. The non-profit Auditory Implant Initiative (Aii) announced that it has completed development of a new application that is compatible with Noah, the industry standard in integrated hearing care software. Named HERMES (HIPAA-Secure Encrypted Research Management Evaluation Solution), the application greatly enhances the ability to grow Aii’s database of information to help cochlear implant patients and providers. HERMES is a cloud-based, HIPAA secure, encrypted platform capable of connecting to a Noah 4 System to facilitate transfer of data and audiograms into its growing database. This aggregate data for cochlear implants can be used by academic institutions and researchers to affect positive change with healthcare policy, funding bodies and other stakeholders.

HERMES allows participating providers to track cochlear implant patients along a continuum of care providing a mechanism for better care-coordination, to share and collaborate with like-minded professionals, grow their referral network, and to be part of what is to be the largest repository for cochlear implant data. Head and neck surgeon Jed Grisel, M.D., Aii’s co-founder, said that this data can then be used to improve outcomes for all patients. “This integration of Noah and HERMES is an exciting milestone for the Auditory Implant Initiative and we believe will help simplify workflow and improve patient care management,” Dr. Grisel said. “Our overall vision is to harness the collective power of aggregate data to bring value back to the individual patient as well as their hearing health professionals.”


2018 Guide - updated

Hearing Loss and Hearing Solutions - A Guide

The latest version of our Hearing Loss and Hearing Resources Guide

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