Professor GibsonPlease join us in congratulating Prof on his Australia Day honours award. Prof, who already had been appointed as a Member of the Order of Australia, yesterday was honoured with Officer of the Order of Australia. Congratulations Prof!! Even bigger celebrations now for international Cochlear implant day on Feb 25th.

Emeritus Professor William Peter Gibson of Birchgrove:
 For distinguished service to medicine, particularly in the area of otolaryngology, as a clinician, to the advancement of cochlear implant programs, and to professional medical organisations.


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The international advocacy group has published the WHO paper on standards of care for cochlear implants. Included here are two papers from the Internation Advocacy Group on the subject of cochlear implants for adults. There is a link in this PDF to which gives a lot more detailed information if people want to look for more.

These are the two papers, both of which will open in a new window:

  1. Delphi Consensus Publication. Adult Cochlear Implants. Summary
  2. FAQs Delphi Consensus Publication. 27.08.20

Cochlear is collecting information about the experience of cochlear implant recipients with the National Disability Insurance Scheme.  Sharing your feedback is easy – simply go to the link below.  Thank you for your consideration and please spread the word.

These are some of the challenges faced by every hearing impaired person. In my own experience, the majority of hearing people never think about the relatively simple things that can make life easier for all of us. This poster illustrates a few of them.

Pat. Mitchell - Bi-lateral cochlear implantee.


CICADA celebrated International Cochlear Implant Day on Sunday 24thFebruary (though the official date is 25thFebruary). It was a fantastic gathering of almost 200 people. Cochlear Ltd assisted with sponsorship for this event, cupcakes, a Coffee Cart and DARE the wonderful magician who roved around entertaining us with astounding tricks. RIDBC/SCIC staff came to the party with their valued help and CICADA would like to thank SCIC for the continued use of the premises at Gladesville, which are so well suited to holding these gatherings.

 We had a number of other stalls to really add to our day and I am grateful to those who attended and shared their resources- MEDEL implant company, Deaf Society, Hear For You, Pauline Findlay with her book “Can You Feel It?” about a teenage girl with hearing loss, Andrew Stewart with his new business HEARING CONNECTIONS.

We began with some presentations in the Conference Room. Polly Templeton was there to do the live captions and Steve Pascoe generously offered his services to LIVE STREAM for us.

This was a FIRST for CICADA !! Steve captured the live presentation, which can be viewed on this link:

Our presentations were captured LIVE so there are a few typos in the captions that cannot be corrected.

Professor Cathy Birman spoke about the services of SCIC and Cochlear Ltd introduced us to a lovely young man, Kunal Amalean, from Sri Lanka, who has just celebrated 20 years with his implant. The surgery was performed by Prof Bill Gibson in Sri Lanka when Kunal was 9 years old. Kunal came to Sydney a couple of months ago to have bilateral surgery so he is still adjusting to the sound from his new implant.

hear it



This site says that it is "The world's #1 website on hearing and hearing loss - Since 1999".

Find out for yourself by going here: Hear-It Org

Guide Cover

Here at last is our 2018 revision of the "Hearing Loss and Hearing Solutions - A Guide" that we have published in PDF format for the enjoyment of users. Our original version was reviewed very favourably and attracted a lot of viewers. We now have this Guide in two formats: Desktop or Tablet version; iPhone/Android version.

You can view/download it from these links:

For desktop or tablet -  Hearing Loss and Hearing Resources - A Guide (91 pages, 2.4 MB size). 

For smartphones - iPhone or Android - Hearing Loss and Hearing Resources - smartphone version (101 pages, 1.6 MB size)

We welcome edits, corrections, updates, suggestions etc. Contact the authors via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Here are some of the professional comments about our new 2018 version.

Overall Reactions to Second Edition:
Monica Bray (Cochlear): I’ve just discovered the wonderful Hearing Guide. It's an awesome resource.
Jade Parr (Advanced Bionics): What a great resource.
Roberta Marino (Fiona Stanley Hospital) with permission:
I really enjoyed reading the guide!  It's brilliant. So comprehensive, easy to read and relatable. I'm really impressed with the level of detail and can only imagine the hours you've spent researching new updates. The guide will positively impact so many people including professionals.  I can see it being so useful for instance, at our hospital when new medicos have a rotation in the Ear, Nose and Throat Department or when we have new Audiology students in our Department who are new to implant devices. Again - well done!  It's fantastic there's people like you who are so pro-active and care enough to put in the hundreds of hours required to develop such a useful and thorough guide.

Overall Reactions to First Edition:
Margaret Anderson: It's going to be a great resource for consumers and all sorts of people. Well done for tackling it!
Marie-Louise Hekel: Congratulations on this most thorough publication. You have done a splendid job. It would be a very valuable resource, not only for hearing impaired people, but professional audiologists in particular.
Roberta Marino: I think you’ve done a brilliant job. You really have a great understanding of how the different devices can be applied. If you don’t mind, when the product is finished, I’d like to pass it on to training ENT’s at the major teaching hospitals here in Perth and also the upcoming Audiology students.
Sarah McCullough (Advanced Bionics): Well done on all your hard work
Linda Ballam-Davies (Cochlear): It looks great and you've done a top job.

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Here is a link to Deafblindness support and information.
They are based in Western Australia and supported by Senses Australia.

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