I have made sure I locked my remote assistant so that I don’t activate the telecoil accidentally, but it often seems to turn on by itself. Also, sometimes there is a strange light- coloured symbol where the black Telecoil symbol is located on the remote.

You can activate the telecoil not only through the remote assistant, but also directly through your sound processor (CP810). There are two buttons on the processor and two microphone ports (black dots). The lower button turns the processor on, the top button turns the Telecoil on. A second press of the top button sets it on Auto- telecoil. While people are placing the processor on their ear, it is common for the top butt on to be pressed accidentally. You will see the telecoil setting on the remote assistant as a black symbol, and a lighter version of the telecoil symbol meaning the Auto-telecoil is on. Pressing the top button of the processor again will take it back, the same way as pressing the telecoil button on the remote assistant. One way to avoid pushing the button by accident is to cover the top button of the sound processor (not the black microphone port) with a bit of moleskin so that you can feel that you are touching that particular button when you are putting the processor on your ear. Over time you get used to handling it without pushing the telecoil button accidentally.

Since using the new CP810 the hearing loop just doesn't work for me. I've asked at the 2 churches I attend if there has been any change in the T-loop - they say 'No', so it seems to indicate the problem originates with me! All very weird.

The remote assistant default setting for the telecoil includes the microphone mix. This means that when someone is now using the telecoil for the first time with their new processor it may sound soft er than before. To revert to Telecoil Only setting, you need to adjust the microphone mix on the remote assistant. Also, the telecoil has been designed to pick up sound from a telephone over the ear more than from a room loop, particularly if you are not seated close to the cable on the floor or if the loop transmission is not set very strongly. So, adjust the telecoil setting to eliminate input from the microphone and seat yourself close to the perimeter of the room where the loop cable is normally placed. 

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