Our rapidly changing digital world poses challenges if you have trouble hearing. Until recently, iPods, computers, cell phones and other wireless technology were incompatible with hearing aids, often causing secondary feedback such as whistling and screeching sounds. But now new hearing aid technology is transforming the way you can experience the world around you if you have a hearing loss. Hearing aids with wireless Bluetooth technology allow sound to be received from electronic equipment directly to the ear. This hearing aid technology has the ability to search for signals from a cell phone or other electronic equipment. If you use a hearing aid with Bluetooth, you no longer need to worry about putt ing something on top of the hearing aid, next to it, or having to take the hearing aid out to answer your cell phone, enjoy music from your iPod, or watch the TV without turning the volume up. You do need an interface to communicate between the hearing devices and the blue-tooth enabled devices. Also, there are people who haven’t been able to hear well on their older mobile phones but when they’ve upgraded to newer phones (in particular the iphone) they’ve noticed a significant increase in the sound quality and have had success with using the phone normally. If privacy isn’t an issue and a person has some form of hearing in both ears, many people find the speaker setting on their phones very useful as they are hearing “in stereo.”

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Here is a link to Deafblindness support and information.
They are based in Western Australia and supported by Senses Australia.

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Vision Statement: “For all young people who
are deaf to reach their potential in life.”

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