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Aspirational mathematician and educator Hugh Entwistle wowed the jury panel last year and was unanimously selected as the 2017 Cochlear Graeme Clark Scholarship winner. The 20-year-old from Sydney is so passionate about mathematics and how it can be applied to the world that he is currently undergoing a Bachelor of Advanced Science Degree, majoring in Mathematics and Statistics, and will start a Degree of Actuarial Studies this year. “The glory of mathematics and how it can be applied in financial markets and probability was the main reason for my pursuit of a degree in Actuarial Studies, and I aim to finish university with a deep knowledge of how mathematical systems work and behave, and how to take advantage of them in my personal and professional life”, says Hugh.

Hugh Entwistle

Hugh has had his Cochlear™ implant for as long as he can remember, and lived life knowing that there may have been another reality where he wouldn’t hear sound. This acts as a constant motivator to push him further and succeed. “I applied for the 2017 Cochlear Graeme Clark scholarship to further build upon my life, to give back to the Cochlear community as a representative and, I would hope, a source of inspiration for others and for parents deciding which path they wish to pursue”.

It is apparent Hugh is an ambitious young man who not only wants to do something extraordinary with his life, but also be a mentor to others. He has managed to turn what should’ve been the daunting task of managing ambitions into sheer excitement and willpower.

“As an individual, profoundly deaf and with Usher’s syndrome, I am extraordinarily thankful for the opportunity that the Cochlear implant has given me, and I am dependent on it for the success that I have achieved. The Cochlear Graeme Clark Scholarship is the most humbling award that I have received. It embodies and acknowledges a more personal journey of hardship and disability and forces me to reflect on my roots – on how my current path of success has been fundamentally a result of the miracle of the Cochlear implant, and of the support that I have received from friends, family and inspirational teachers that I have been lucky enough to meet on the way. Both the financial support and endorsement that the scholarship provides will allow me to more boldly pursue my ambitions and advanced studies in mathematics, taking me steps closer to my dream of spreading and utilising the art of mathematics in education and business”.

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