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A scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent. The good news is there are some people who can actually meet all 12 criteria of the Scout Law. One of them is Brandon Mosley.  Mosley has overcome so many odds stacked against him in his life, and he does it with a cheerful smile on his face at all times. He has never let anything get him down. Consider this: he is a part of the minority population in Franklin County, an African American who, for the better part of his early adult life, was essentially deaf in both ears, relying upon inadequate hearing aids to communicate with his surroundings.

Brandon MosleyBrandon Mosley enjoys life with his wife, Ashley, and their daughter, Izabella

Despite this, he was able to graduate from Franklin County High School on May 30, 2003. He had a remarkable ability to solve any technology problem early on and was a part of a technology student assistant program at the time. After graduation, he was hired by the school system as a technology worker. Mosley has an intuitive ability to solve technology quirks, perhaps because his early hearing deficiency made his other senses so acute he could see and feel things the others could not. Often, when there seems to be no solution for a particular tech dilemma, Mosley saves the day by stepping in to resolve the issue. He just smiles that big smile and goes on. The other techs just scratch their heads and wonder why they couldn’t figure it out. Not only that, his personality makes him one of the most popular of the system’s employees.  Everyone loves him. Walking with him through any school in the system is like accompanying a rock star through the halls.

But Brandon Mosley was not satisfied to just settle in and be a tech the rest of his life. Knowing the value of education, he enrolled at Motlow and pursued an Associate of Science degree. He could barely hear and had to read his teachers’ lips a lot to understand what was being said, but he made it through college and received his associate’s degree in general education in May 2006, but did not stop there, either. He also received certification in business information systems four years later in May 2010. “My most difficult challenge for the majority of my life is communication,” he said recently. “Every day was a challenge when communicating with the different sounds of people’s voices.” Things got a lot better when Mosley learned he was a candidate for a cochlear implant to improve his hearing. As the doctors explained what it would do for him, it became obvious the risk of the surgical procedure would be worth it.

He received his first implant in January 2013. Strange and wonderful things began to happen. He heard alien sounds that woke him up in the mornings which turned out to be the birds chirping outside his window. Once, when riding in a car with his mother, he kept hearing a noise that he thought was a problem with the car. “Brandon,” his mother said, “It’s okay. That’s just the windshield wipers.” He had to train his brain to become accustomed to the sound vibrations he had never experienced before. When the opportunity to go in for a second implant for the other ear arose, the decision was easy, and in 2014 another successful implant was in place. “Now, after the cochlear implants, I believe I have met my challenge to understand my surroundings,” Mosley said. “I believe this is one of the most rewarding things. The challenges never end.”

This story has a happy ending. In September 2017, he married his longtime sweetheart, Ashley, and the couple had their first child, Izabella, in July 2018. Brandon Mosley, who overcomes and prevails against the odds, is now seeing, and hearing, his new baby as a dad.

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