Nov 2017 The Chester Standard

A hero nurse has won an award following a heartfelt nomination by a former patient from Wirral. Pip Page-Davies, who works at the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital (RJAH) in Oswestry, received the NHS trust’s Patient Choice Award at a glitzy ceremony. She had been nominated by Bethany Eason, 20, who endured an excruciating journey after being diagnosed with an aggressive tumour in her knee. Bethany, from Bebington, said Pip had been a rock, sharing “blood, sweat and tears” with her since the shock diagnosis in March. She told the Standard: “I’m absolutely thrilled that Pip received the award. I was privileged to have been in her care and I could not have got through my tumour diagnosis and tough journey without Pip.
“If every hospital had a Pip and an Oswald Ward imagine how much better the NHS would be!  “Nurses like Pip are worth more than their weight in gold.”

Pip Page-DaviesBethany had twice fractured her leg before doctors discovered the rare tumour and then went on to have a knee and thigh bone replacement. Throughout her treatment and recovery, Pip was always at her side to offer help and comfort, often staying well beyond the end of her shift.

Bethany, who is profoundly deaf and wears a cochlear implant to help her hear, also needed help understanding some medical explanations when they were not delivered face to face.

She said nurses and the NHS rarely receive the recognition they deserve and she had seen first-hand the outstanding work they do. Pip said she felt “shaky” when she first heard about the nomination as it is such a “huge compliment” to receive such glowing feedback from a patient.

“When I learnt I’d been shortlisted and the nomination had come from Bethany and was able to read her words I was tearful,” she said. “The fact that I had been able to make a situation just a little bit better made me feel so very proud to be a nurse.” Describing her approach to nursing, Pip said: “I always try and provide individualised care and understanding what matters to the individual. “Listening to patients is so important and allows them to feel respected. Respect usually promotes trust, something else that enhances the patients treatment and I strive to get this right for every patient. So, not waking her up but leaving a note when my shift had finished or plaiting her hair when she couldn't get in the shower, always facing Bethany and regularly repeating what others had said so Bethany understood mattered to me so meant a lot to her.

Bethany demonstrated a strength of character and determination and this was to be admired.”
She added: “To receive the Patient Choice Award means the world to me. It’s a moment I’ll treasure. “I would like to thank Bethany for taking the time to nominate me and everyone who voted for me.”


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