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A mental health leader was almost forced out of her job when she started to lose her hearing a few years ago. But thanks to her new cochlear implants, she is able to carry on with her career, and she has a whole new outlook on life, now that her hearing has been restored. "To me it was like a miracle. I wouldn't be talking to you today, I wouldn't be working, my life would be totally different. Difference of night and day," said Nancy Bobo, the vice president of development for Orchard Place in Des Moines, a nonprofit that helps troubled kids get back on their feet.

Nancy BoboIt was a scary realisation when Bobo started to go deaf. "I would be in board meetings or other meetings and I would have a hard time understanding what was said and after you say what twice you know you say I am probably not going to pursue this anymore.” For years her hearing continued to worsen. Bobo tried different hearing aids. but nothing was working, but thanks to this electronic device, her fate completely changed. "Without the cochlear implant I would have had to quit working actually. It was that bad. I would not be working today without them."

Along with working at Orchard Place, Bobo is a busy grandma! Now her profound hearing loss doesn't affect day to day life. "I have 9 grandchildren and they bring a lot of joy to my life and being able to interact with them and play jokes with them and have fun with them," she said. "My cochlear implants has made that part of my life so much richer. I don't want to miss out on anything that they are doing.” And that's just what she's doing: Enjoying all the family and work conversations without missing a word. It's all thanks to this technology. "I wear them all day, I want to hear everything!" she said.

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Here is a link to Deafblindness support and information.
They are based in Western Australia and supported by Senses Australia.

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