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This is the adorable moment a one-year-old deaf boy beamed with joy as he heard music for the first time.  Teddy Shotter, from Portsmouth, bounced around his living room to the tune after having cochlear implants fitted last week. He swayed from side to side and pressed his ear closer to the speakers to hear it better as his father Ben, 25, played music through his phone. The one-year-old leans in and presses his ear closer to the microphone to get a better listen to the tune.

Teddy Shotter

Teddy's mother Beth, 24, was overcome with emotion as she watched her little boy enjoy music - something she thought he'd never be able to experience.  She said: 'I cried watching him. We've played music to him in the car and he's sort of looked at me and points at his ear as if to say he can hear something - but this is the first time he's properly recognised music and danced to it.

'Before I would be dancing and he would be looking at me like, 'what are you doing' but now he can understand. At the moment he can't hear like we do, but it [the hearing aid] was on programme one when we first got it and on Sunday we turned it up to three. We noticed he was hearing more and we put the music on. We put the music on and he really responded well.  When we turned the music off he would stop and cry because he wanted it back on. He obviously likes music like his parents.'


TeddyTeddy on holiday with mother Beth, 24, and father Ben, 25 

Mrs Shotter was heartbroken when doctors revealed her newborn son couldn't hear even simple sounds. The little boy's genetic condition means he has got a missing partition between his brain and his cochlea, which is also underdeveloped. Teddy had been fitted with hearing aids when he was just six weeks old but they weren’t powerful enough to allow him to hear.

While the operation for cochlear implants are usually relatively straightforward, the 23-month-old's condition meant he required extra care as he began to leak fluid from his brain during the surgery.

The parents were warned that their son was at high risk of contracting meningitis, but after a one-day stay in hospital, the little boy was perfectly healthy. Teddy now has the hearing age of a newborn and will be put through speech therapy. But despite only having an implant in one ear his doctors are certain he will be able to go to school by the time he is four.

Mrs Shotter, who works as a support worker, said: 'Both my parents were deaf. I'd always said before I had a child I would never have a cochlear implant for my son, until we got a lot of information given to us. It obviously swayed my decision. When Teddy was born I said, 'he's going to have it' because you just want what's best for your child. It was a hard decision to make. We had a lot of sleepless nights because they did say he had a high risk of meningitis. We had to take the risk and he made it. He was completely fine. He had no sickness. He literally bounced right back. Now it's the hard work of teaching him to talk and to hear sounds.'

She added: 'At the moment if someone comes round we ask them to bang on the door so he can understand what the noise of the knocking of the door is. We're playing him different sounds and talking to him, just to get him used to it. 'If I say, 'Teddy' he will turn around and look. I don't know if he recognises my voice yet but [he hears] a sound so he looks for the sound. His brain scrambles all the noises and has to work out what everything is and so on so he can get to grips with.  Hopefully by the time he is that age he'll be talking just like any other kid.’

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