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Many people with severe or severe-profound hearing loss in the high frequencies have functional residual hearing in the low frequencies. For such people, electric-acoustic-stimulation (EAS) or hybrid systems, which combine the use of CI (electric stimulation, ES) and a hearing aid (acoustic stimulation) into one device, are advisable and can significantly benefit users, especially in difficult listening environments. For EAS candidates and for CI candidates with less residual hearing, CI manufacturers developed thin and straight electrodes with lengths between 16 mm and 31 mm. The aim of these developments was to preserve residual hearing, even when it is marginal, by minimising intraoperative damage to the sensitive intracochlear structures; while at the same time offering good speech understanding with electrical hearing only. If a CI recipient does lose residual hearing due to surgery, his/her electrically stimulated hearing must be superior to his/her preoperative speech understanding results or he/she will not have derived benefit from implantation.

This investigation evaluated the effect of cochlear implant (CI) electrode length on speech comprehension in quiet and noise and compare the results with those of EAS users.

91 adults with some degree of residual hearing were implanted with a FLEX20, FLEX24, or FLEX28 electrode. Some subjects were postoperative electric-acoustic-stimulation (EAS) users; the other subjects were in the groups of electric stimulation-only (ES-only).

Speech perception was tested in quiet and noise at 3 and 6 months of ES or EAS use. Speech comprehension results were analysed and correlated to electrode length.

Conclusions: Among ES-only users, the FLEX28 ES users had the best speech comprehension scores, at the 3- months appointment and tendentially at the 6 months appointment. EAS users showed significantly better speech comprehension results compared to ES-only users with the same short electrodes.

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