Faye photo Oct12 Hi ResFaye says she has received the greatest gift of all, the “Gift of Hearing” and is now a Bilateral Cochlear Implant recipient and just loves it!

Born with a hereditary sensorinueral hearing loss, Faye grew up using two hearing aids and depended extensively on her lip-reading skills. Faye’s siblings, parents and grandparents were all hearing impaired.

Faye had an accident while holidaying at the snowy mountains at the age of 25 that resulted in a profound hearing loss in her right ear. She then suffered another medical problem in 2003 which caused her to lose the small amount of hearing she had in her good left ear. This was a major disaster for Faye now being profoundly deaf in both ears.

2004/2005 was the hardest years of her life. Faye worked as a Senior Manager for a major computer company managing IT Support for thousands of users worldwide at the time.  

In 2005 and 2007 Faye underwent her two Cochlear Implant operations in Sydney with Surgeon Professor Bill Gibson.

At Faye’s first switch-on everything sounded a bit robotic to start with, but within 24 hours peoples voices started to sound normal just Iike she remembered them to sound. It was truly an amazing feeling and it just kept getting better from there!

Having two Cochlear Implants Faye can now judge which direction sounds are coming from better. It’s like having surround-sound now and gives her a clearer and improved sound quality. Two ears are definitely better than one, says Faye! 

She can now use the home telephone, a mobile phone and can watch TV without captions. She can even wear her Nucleus 6 processors with the Cochlear Aqua Accessory and enjoy swimming again. She regularly goes to the movies and enjoys a nice evening with family and friends at her local restaurants without any problems.

Faye says, “having her first implant changed her life, but she still had single sided deafness, and still missed things occasionally. It was like living in a black and white world, she could hear fairly good with her Cochlear Implant ear, but still struggled a bit overall. BUT….  then she received her second Cochlear Implant and her whole world changed.  It was like turning your whole world into full COLOUR, full surround sound and the depth in sound quality was so much better.  The difference that Bilateral hearing gives you is “awesome” and I would do it all again tomorrow if I had to.  I never want to go back to unilateral, and I definitely never want to go back to being Deaf.

My Bilateral Cochlear Implants have given me my life back …  and I couldn’t be happier!”

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